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April 9, 2012 / laurakschwartz

New project: almost complete


April 3, 2012 / laurakschwartz

March 31, 2012 / laurakschwartz

New favorite

How did I not know about this artist? Have I been living in a hole? I don’t remember any of my professors mentioning this guy to me, but his illustrations and paintings are very similar to images I’ve had rolling around in my head for some time, but haven’t had the space to do much about it. How inspiring to see his work! Check out his blog here… It looks like he’s been doing all sorts of things, but I am most interested in his anatomical portraits.


March 27, 2012 / laurakschwartz


Dear Readers (whoever you are),

I promise that this blog will get better. Be patient with me and trust it’s gonna happen. I admit; it could use an overhaul. But, right now I’m trying to study for Microbiology, and it’s not going well. Why can’t I focus these days? I blame the cold weather. It’s making me ornery. On my next long weekend off work, I promise due diligence.

Until then,

March 25, 2012 / laurakschwartz



March 22, 2012 / laurakschwartz

The sun is back in Washington Square


March 7, 2012 / laurakschwartz



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