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July 5, 2011 / laurakschwartz

A night for Elliot

Tonight we celebrated Elliot’s birthday. Elliot is a friend and husband to one of my dearest friends, Christy. He’s also like a brother to me, rescuing me when I get flat tires on a 90 degrees and humid day. As we sat around the table each sharing one thing we appreciated about Elliot to honor him on his special day, I couldn’t help but think about how sad I will be to leave my Braaten family. More on that another time…


Here is a photo of the bday boy and his lovely bride!



In other news, I may have found the perfect nursing program. I’ve been searching for weeks/months to find a program that would fit with my complicated situation, which is that I studied philosophy in my undergrad and now I’m getting a certificate in studio art. I took only the bare minimum of what was required of me in the sciences during my liberal arts education. So, there’s a lot to catch up on if I’m going to make this work.


Wait..back that up. Maybe you’re wondering why I’m even talking about nursing. “I thought she wanted to study art therapy,” you might be thinking. Well, the truth is, I got cold feet, and here’s why. I know I want to work in a hospital setting and I love working with kids. But, typically there are only one or two positions even available at hospitals as an Art Therapist, and to make matters worse, it really does not pay well. I have this dream to open an art studio/wellness/community center someday, and I still think that can happen if I don’t become an Art Therapist. Moreover, if I become a nurse, I will have more opportunities to live out my dreams. I will be able to go overseas with more credentials, and I can still use art in those situations. Of course, like any artist dreams of, it would be amazing to just be an artist. But, we all know that’s about as possible as making it in the NBA.


All that to say, NYU has a program where I can finish prereqs and then enter into an accelerated BSN/MS program. Bottom line is that in about 2 years I will have a second Bachelor’s in nursing as well as a Masters for advanced practice. Then, I will actually be able to find a job. How amazing!! And, I don’t even have to take the GRE!! I’m so excited!! Now we must all say our prayers so that I can get into this competitive program…Lord willing. For now, I’m still mulling it all over, but I’m pretty excited about this possibility.


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