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July 5, 2011 / laurakschwartz

Diego Garcia

I know the rest of the world is presently obsessing over the new Bon Iver album. And, rightfully so! Amazing! However, I am officially declaring my love for Diego Garcia-right here, right now. Of course it helps that his new solo album is called, Laura. A fantastic name if I do say so myself! Laura is a romantic and dreamy love letter to a girl who broke Diego’s heart. Several years after all the songs were written they ended up getting married, so I like that there was a happy ending.


I am not the biggest fan of the lyrics on this album. Though they seem heartfelt and meaningful, I don’t find them to be sophisticated enough for my taste. I tend to enjoy more mystery and depth. Still, there is poetry to woo you and paired with the music the album is quite beautiful. Drawing on his Latin background with Argentinian tango and Spanish guitar, there are layers of complex chords and solos. It’s the kind of album I enjoy putting on in the background while painting, and it’s music that inspires me. Thanks, Diego!


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