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July 5, 2011 / laurakschwartz


I have a serious case of the wanderlust. For the last year and a half, all I have done is work too much. Everything inside of me wants to visit each and every inch of this beautiful world. Experiencing new cultures, foods, sites and meeting the people of foreign lands, discovering their stories, and walking in their footsteps for even one day makes me feel a profound connection to humanity as the family to which we are all united by, and to the Creator of this fascinating world. If I had tons of frequent-flyer miles, some of the top places I would like to visit in the near future would be: Italy, Paris, Ireland, Mongolia, Kenya, South Africa, Spain, Belgium, Greece, Belize, or Israel. Just to name a few! Where would you go on your next adventure?


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  1. Angel / Jul 6 2011 11:45 PM

    I am glad Israel made your list. You have a place to crash in Jerusalem if you come this year. You would have to stay with the world’s worst roommate, though. She’s 9 months old and talks in her sleep. Oh, and since you asked, I have my heart set on England (someday). Inspired by my current Jane Austen reading kick. Kind of unexotic, huh? They don’t even speak a different language.

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