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July 9, 2011 / laurakschwartz

First drafts

I’m very excited about the different projects I’m going to be working on in the next several weeks.

For my drawing class our first assignment was to draw something that had to do with volume or the illusion of volume. As I was thinking about this, I became interested in the idea of negative volume. Here is a photo of my drawing–still in progress.

For my painting project I’m going to be doing a series on New York in the summer. I’ll include some portraits and other landscapes. Here is the first draft of a painting of a man in Little Italy. He was hanging out of the window watching the parade of people below him.

I’m also taking a soft sculpture class and will be taking my first trip to the Garment District to find materials. All of our work for this class is going to be on a sewing machine. I’m really nervous because I’ve never actually touched a sewing machine. But, my professor is really helpful and this will be a good skill for me to learn. I’ll post photos of those projects once I start.

Happy Saturday everyone!


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