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July 15, 2011 / laurakschwartz

Full Speed Ahead

I am coming to the close of my second week in school. Time is flying by like a film strip on fast forward. It’s hard to pick which things to share about in this blog post because my days have been filled with various newsworthy notations.

I am really enjoying my classes. My days are saturated with activity as I spend about 9-10 hours in class and working on projects. My teachers are fantastic and worth all the money one pays while attending NYU. They are established and recognized in the art community world-wide and bring a plethora of experience to each suggestion and critique they offer. I feel blessed to be one of about 10 students in each of my classes where I can easily get the focused attention of these professors. I will post an update soon of the projects I’m working on.

I have become accustomed to my commute to the Village, taking the subway from the Upper Westside each morning. I have only been here two weeks and I’ve already seen the most shocking happenings one can imagine when they think of a colossal city dwelling with various walks of life. Overall I’m loving the energy of New York and absorbing what I can from the life it protrudes–whatever “life” happens to mean in that moment. It can be the lively people dining at the Jewish Deli down the street, the peacefulness of a stroll through Central Park, the sounds of the taxis honking at pedestrians, or the smells of the Chinese restaurant below my studio. There’s a certain sadness I’ve been feeling too. There are a lot of homeless people in New York. We all know this fact. Yet, everyday it never ceases to disturb me how many people I see begging for money or food. Young and old, some gentle and others aggressive; they all demand your attention. But, it’s those who are so undeniably addicted to alcohol or drugs that make me choke up with sorrow. In the back of my head, I am always thinking about how those people never planned to be the way they are. There has been a series of steps, choices, or unfortunate circumstances that brought them there. There’s so much more I could say about how all of this makes me feel, but I think I’m actually still processing what it means to be in this community alongside all of my different “neighbors.” I would love to hear your thoughts on how to help those in need, or how you deal with this overwhelming social issue.


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