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September 20, 2011 / laurakschwartz

Combining two worlds

Well, I’ve always been complicated and usually done things in a non-traditional way. For instance, in high school I chose to attend the Alternative Learning Center (where most girls went b/c they got pregnant) rather than spending 7 periods with my “normal” peers. I didn’t go to college right after high school because that just seemed like the thing everyone was doing. Where many people tend to live in one or two different places in their lifetime,  I’ve already lived in several cities and hope to experience more. My interests are broad, and my curiosity leads me to many new ideas and experiences. I like this about myself, but it can also be exhausting.

Being an artist is so incredibly important to me. I always want to grow and challenge myself in my creative endeavors. I am jealous of people who support themselves through art alone, and don’t have to bother with some supplemental career on the side. If I had all the money in the world I would just paint all day. I would travel the world and be inspired by the faces and places I met there. Sigh….if only.

Taking chemistry and anatomy this semester is certainly interesting. My brain is stimulated and I am asking questions about the universe and creation in a new way. Of course it is daunting to look at my text book and try to understand chemical compounds and molecular structures when all I’ve been thinking about for the last few months is what color I want to use on my canvas. It is definitely a change of pace. But, I guess what I’m saying is that when I think about my life and how I got here, I am not surprised. Though to an outsider it may seem like art and nursing have no connection, in my mind it makes sense because it is life. Life is beautiful and that means learning about all sorts of subjects and being a holistic person. I am excited about where nursing might take me in my next step in life. I just hope I can pass this chem class!



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