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September 27, 2011 / laurakschwartz

You know it’s been a good day in New York when…

…you’re studying for anatomy class at Whole Foods and this guy is sitting next to you browsing the internet on his ipad.

No, I didn’t say, “Hey, what’s up, Ferris!” because New Yorkers don’t talk to celebrities when they see them. It’s just one of those understood things. Instead, I put in my headphones and kept reading about cells and tissues.

My day got even better when I went to yoga class. I’ve been going to a new Bikram studio that is pretty great. They have a 7th floor patio you can relax on after class and cool down with a beautiful view of Midtown. When I got to class the room was already packed mat to mat and I wondered what was up. Well THIS guy was UP! (see video). He was the yoga champion this year and he teaches regularly at my studio. He’s AMAZing and a really nice guy (double points). I love taking class with him, but I don’t like the crowded room. Oh well, I guess it was worth getting my neighbor’s sweat splashed on me for 90 minutes? Maybe.

I ♥ New York!



PS. I need to update a lot of my art stuff, and I will! Soon…


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